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I capture authentic stories that captivate, challenge & inspire

   I specialise in filming and editing

   short-form documentary film

-  interviews & conversations

-  testimonials & lived experience

-  portraits & profiles of people,

    places & ideas


I produce work on commission as a solo creator; I'm also available as a director of photography on a freelance basis.  


I am a skilled practitioner with a comprehensive kit purpose built for interview and documentary production.

I'm dependable, flexible and easy to work with, and will give your director confidence that high quality footage is captured. 

If you need a friendly and professional lighting camera operator in Wellington, New Zealand, please get in touch.

My field kit includies:

Canon C300mkIII

Canon C70

Canon R5C

Sigma Art & Canon L lenses

SmallHD 5" & 7" monitors

Luxli lighting fixtures

Sachtler tripods, Syrp slider & DJI gimbal

Sennheiser MKH50

Sanken CS3e, CUB-01 & Cos11

Sennheiser G4 500 wireless system 

Sound Devices  Mixpre-6 II

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